Situated in Malaysia, Penang is a state that is located on the northwest shore adjacent to the Malacca Strait. The state is separated into two sections. Penang Island is the home of the capital city of George Town and Seberang Perai is located on the Malay Peninsula.

What to See When You Visit Penang in Malaysia

You will find that this part of Malaysia provides plenty in the way of must-see attractions and entertainment. So, get set for a true holiday when you visit this part of Malaysia. The following attractions and sites are suitable for people of all ages and tastes.

Penang Hill

This beautiful tourist spot is also known as Flagstaff Hill. It rises just over 820 metres above sea level and offers a welcome break from the heat in the valley. That is why it is a popular site. Plus, you can enjoy some breathtaking views of the area. The best way to reach the top of the hill is to go by a funicular train. The transit gets you there in about 30 minutes. Once you reach the summit, don’t miss such sites as an idyllic and pretty Hindu temple. You can also watch a python show and take photographs with the snake for a fee.

Top Attractions and Sites in Penang

Kek Lok Si Temple

This Buddhist temple complex is amongst the biggest in Southeast Asia. The site is located at the top of an incline in the small town of Air Itam. Established over a century ago, the complex features beautiful gardens and sacred and holy temples. One of the main structures featured is a seven-tiered pagoda.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Once you settle in your Penang hotel for a luxury stay, you will also want to explore what luxury meant to residents historically. You can find what you are seeking when you visit the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion located on Leith Street. This home is historically important as it was once the residence of a Chinese industrialist in the early part of the 1890s. This estate displays the best of 18th-century and 19th-century Chinese architecture and design.

The home is notable as it depends heavily on Feng Shui design. Plus, it took a team of craftsman over seven years to erect the house. The palatial home features five granite courtyards, seven staircases, 22 windows made of stained glass, and 38 rooms in total.

The locals in Penang call the house the Blue Mansion. This home is distinguished as being one of only three historical and traditional Chinese estates outside the country of China. In 1989, the real estate was revamped into a 16-room boutique hotel and museum. Guided tours of the historical residence take place daily at such times as 11:00, 13:30 and 15:00.

Escape Adventure land

For an added thrill, you will want to visit Escape Adventure land. This park, which features zip-lining, is one place to recharge your adrenaline.

After a day at Escape Adventure land, you no doubt will enjoy reclining on a comfortable couch or relaxing on a soft and elegant bed in your luxury suite.