Are you ready to start your journey in Indochina countries? Of course, this will be a very memorable experience during your vacation this year. You will be invited to visit some interesting places in the three countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. However, you certainly will take a little longer to enjoy all the pleasures offered. Therefore, you should entrust your journey to Viet Bamboo Travel as the best Vietnam Laos Cambodia Travel agency that offers some Indochina tour packages for you. Here, you can choose a package holiday in Indochina depending on the duration of your holiday.

Best Vietnam – Cambodia Tour 19 Days

As the best travel agent, Viet Bamboo Travel offers you a chance to spend your holiday in two countries of Vietnam and Cambodia for 19 days. Now, you must prepare yourself for this because you will start your Indochina tour from Vietnam. In Vietnam, you will be escorted to several amazing landmarks such as Halong Bay while in Cambodia you will be invited to visit Angkor Wat Temple.

Highlights of Cambodia and Laos

Viet Bamboo Travel also offers you a tour package that starts from Vietnam. You can also take the highlight of Cambodia and Laos only. Your journey will begin from Siem Reap airport in Cambodia. You will be spending your five days in Cambodia and then you are escorted to Laos for the next 5 days. Of course, in these two countries, you will visit some great landmarks that are commonly visited by international tourists.

Booking Indochina Tour Packages from the Best Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel Agency

Amazing Indochina Tour 16 Days

The third Indochina tour package offered is Amazing Indochina tour for 16 days. Your holiday will start from Hanoi and then you will be taken to some popular attractions in Vietnam such as Halong Bay and the others. After that, you will continue your journey to Laos and visit Luang Prabang as a popular tourist destination in the country. The next stop will be Cambodia and you will be invited to visit Angkor Wat and other landmarks. From Cambodia, you will get back to Vietnam and visit Cu chi Tunnels.

Vietnam Cambodia Tours 14 Days

Another option is the Vietnam Cambodia Tour 14 days. You will be spending your holidays for two weeks that starts from Hanoi. In Vietnam, you will be taken to some great landmarks. Here, you will be spending your days in Vietnam for 11 days while the 12th up to 14th days will be spent in Cambodia where you will only be escorted to Angkor Wat. After that, you can go back home from Siem Ream Airport.

In summary, those are some of the tour packages that are offered by Viet Bamboo Travel as the most experienced travel agency. Therefore, if you want a long holiday, then you must entrust your vacation plan to Viet Bamboo Travel that can bring you to three different countries for several days. Of course, you also have a chance to bring your family to join these fantastic tours