For the people who like visiting places, exploring something new every now and then, it becomes difficult to decide which place to put on their list next, and where to go. There are not many cities in India which can offer these wanderlusts a perfect way to have a deep insight of the places that offer a true glimpse of India. if you too are among such hungry wanderers and are searching for places to experience a city life at its best and worst, then this time, choose Mumbai.

Mumbai is a perfect city, besides the capital Delhi, which can give you a true glimpse of a city’s life. So much happening city, Mumbai calls every Indian to visit and explore it. Just like you can get cheap flights from Mumbai to Goa, you can also find cheap priced flights to Mumbai. Book one today and get ready to nourish your dreams in the City of Dreams. With a perfect amalgam of good and bad, Mumbai is worth a visit, to have a nice experience in your life.

Here are some of the extraordinary delights of Mumbai.

Mumbai is the City of Vada Pav

Within mere 20 rupees, one can satiate not only his stomach, but also heart. How? With a gorge on the vada pavs. The Vada Pav is the signature street food in Mumbai, available at every corner of the street for Rs.20 or may be less. This potato made dish, is the most adorable dish of Mumbai, and after every tiring stroll in Mumbai markets or any other place, one can think of nothing but the scrumptious vada pavs to gorge on.

Pack Your Bags And Visit Mumbai Today Some Perks Of The City

World’s Biggest Film Industry, Bollywood

The biggest source of entertainment in India has been the Bollywood movies. Mumbai, the Film City of India, produces nearly 200 films each year, which makes it the biggest film industry of the world. It has successfully beaten its western counterpart and employees a very large section of society through its Bollywood business, and even earns a lot through it. With a perfect melange of entertainment, comedy, melodrama, romance, and horror, Bollywood strives to appease its audience to the core.

Elephanta Festival

Every year, in the month of February, an antiquated ferry starts from the Gateway of India and runs till Elephanta Caves, on an island in the Sea of Oman. here, music buffs flock up to please their ears and souls with the gala music fest, where classical Indian musicians and singers like Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain come and vivify the land with their music. Must witness this.

Juhu Beach

This jewel of Mumbai, the Juhu Beach hits the list of places to visit in Mumbai. The serene and tranquilising beach calls all the Mumbaikars to come and relax there, pacifying their souls and enchanting their hearts with the beach waves. Every weekend people set out of their homes to sit in the lap of nature at its best, in the Juhu Beach. The Mumbai monsoons seem perfect when you are in this beach.