Mahabalipuram is not just acclaimed for its rock cut fine temples and architecture and palm bordered sea shores, but also boasts of its divine cooking styles which will without a doubt spoil your taste buds. From the zesty and broiled fish to the tasty South Indian delights, eating out in Mahabalipuram is dependably a joy in whole. Foodies, dig in!

Apart from admiring the spectacular gathering of astounding architectural landmarks and other places to visit in Mahabalipuram, why not savor in some culinary delights that this rustic yet graceful town offers? For sure, you won’t be able to get enough of the delicacies here. So, read ahead to know about the best eateries to bank upon to satiate those hunger pangs or for an extravagant eating spree in this quaint town.


Surf gives a wide assortment of food for all seafood lovers. This eatery is at the passageway of the town and if you are not an ardent seafood lover, then you might find this place to be a bit overpriced and overhyped. So for the most sumptuous helping of your favourite marine creatures, head to Surf!

Head to these Enticing Eateries to Savor the Best of Mahabalipuram

Village Restaurant

Eating out in Mahabalipuram will be a superb ordeal on the off chance that you visit the Village Restaurant which has a stunning ambience where you can eat in the wonderful shade of the palm trees at an excellent lakeside. The whole ambience of this spot is so serenading that you might even hog, since there are chances of losing yourself entirely into the environment here.


It’s the sort of spot that has ruled the hiker ghetto streetscape for eternity. The menu runs the extent of Indian and Western top choices, veg and non-veg, both and foodies can actually dig in to a satisfactory helping of food offered here. It’s a decent spot especially when you are dying of hunger.

Tina Blue View

A smooth environment and hued upstairs makes Tina Blue View an impeccable spot for eating out in Mahabalipuram. For all you lager monstrosities, there is an all around supplied brew bar here, which makes it an ideal spot to chill out with friends, lover or even for spending some quality time alone.

Freshly ‘n Hot

Although the name might slide past your head, but this minor spot is casual, new and benevolent. A similarly little menu of impeccably satisfactory pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and crepes goes with a not insignificant rundown of espressos. The cold coffee served here is to die for, literally.