The world is a beautiful place. There is so much the world has to offer us in terms of beauty, culture and experience. Every inch of the world is beautiful in its own way, embedded in its own pearls of endearment and excitement. Every place is different from one another and every place has its own personal taste for you to enjoy. And what a life it would be if you’re cooped up in your room with the world wanting to welcome you in open arms.

We all know that visiting a new place is not only exciting, it is filled with lots of knowledge and information. That is why when people book certain trips, they hire professional guides to help them with the knowledge regarding their trips. The guides charge according to their rates and try to provide you with all the information that you could probably get from google yourself. In case these guides are local, you can particularly enjoy their knowledge and insight of the city’s inner culture, therefore, being a local becomes a perk on their part. This is why Trip Before has an array of local people who enroll as guides for the trips of several visitors in their city.

Beauty Of Hong-Kong


  • The first benefit of choosing a local person as your guide is that the trip will cost you way less than if you had hired a professional guide. These local guides are citizens who would like to show you their city, its culture, beauty and life with the lowest rates possible. Some guides on this site would also provide their services completely free of cost. You can save a ton of money with this method.
  • Another reason why you should choose locals to guide you is because of their personal insight and knowledge about their city. No one can know a city better than the people who live in it. The locals know the culture and the life of the city by heart, and they know the perfect eateries and restaurants that you might like as they provide the most authentic experience of exploring a new city to you and with you as well.

At Trip Before you can choose your personal choice of local guides who can help in exploring a new city, by checking out the reviews and ratings. With an informed decision you can completely enjoy what a new city has to offer you. These world travel guide are one of the best travel guides at cheap prices.